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Ingredients: This is a pure silky elegant oil. It is organic Orange Oils and Lemon Oils, blended in a base of Almond oil. And overlaid with Zeropoint Frequencies.

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And now that you have learned how to truly care for your teeth and gums through the use of our GLACIAL BLUE TOOTH OIL, let us introduce you to its companion, SATEEN!

We know you wouldn’t mind looking younger and having healthy, glowing skin and hearing people constantly telling you how your appearance seems to have changed quite noticeably. Well, Sateen literally saves you time and money as you won’t need a moisturizer, a cleanser, or a night crème. Men won’t need aftershave. Women, you won’t need a cream to repair the skin after shaving your legs. You won’t need something to remove your eye makeup or toners or anti-aging creams. All you need is one little product called Sateen.

This silky, pure, essential oil is also a lifesaver if you get a sunburn-you won’t even peel if you keep your burn treated with Sateen. If you have cataracts, you can try a drop of Sateen in the eye at bedtime (as it will create a slight film). In some cases, this may take several weeks or even months, but we have great reports on its success. Use it to soften your cuticles and strengthen your nails. Use around the eyes in the morning to get rid of morning puffiness. Use on dry patches anywhere on your skin. And take note of your pores! If you have enlarged pores, keep using Sateen and you will see a difference.

If you cut yourself-soothe it with Sateen; if you burn yourself –get relief with Sateen; soften scars; use on varicose veins, and stretch marks. And one of the greatest things about Sateen is that you can use it in or on ANY orifice. To be blunt, it can be safely and wonderfully used as a lubricant, or to rid you of itching or dryness; for chaffing; for your baby’s bottom or heat rashes; inside the mouth with canker sores or cold sores (we usually alternate between the use of Sateen and Glacial Blue).

So take advantage of this incredible anti-aging essential oil that you will become very emotionally attached to. Watch how when you first apply it to your face, your face begins to flush. This is indicative of the capillaries getting nutrition from the Sateen at a deep level. We have many, many customers who have made it VERY clear that we must NEVER be out of their Sateen! We here at Frequency Foods have all used it for 17 years. We use Sateen and our satiny Wonder Bar soap. Nothing else touches our skin and we think you would agree, we look the part!

If your skin breaks out sometime in the first month, don’t be alarmed. You are getting a necessary cleanout of toxic build-up. It only lasts a week and then your skin is renewed. This does not happen to everyone, but bless it if it happens to you. You have no idea how long your cells have been storing dirt, oils, chemicals, and so forth that need to come out. This product is for both men and women and all skin types, even if you have oily skin. Just use 4-7 drops on your face and throat once in the morning and once at night. You will be thrilled.


Ingredients: Organic Orange and Lemons in a base of Organic Almond Oil. Overlaid with Zero Point Technology.

And then there is Whisper of Silk: this product is to be used every time you step out of your shower or bath. Whisper of Silk will replace oils you may have “lost” due to drying chemicals often found in the very water you are bathing in. Whisper of Silk will rebalance your skin while you enjoy splashing it generously on your body. It has many other uses as well to replace toxic alternatives. Use it as an air freshener, polish for your wood furniture; after sun tanning. For your animals: since it has citrus in it you can spray your horses to keep the insects away; use as a delightful bug spray for yourself as well. (read more on the whisper of silk page)

With wonder bar soap: you will never let another soap touch your skin after trying this one. Soap is typically drying and even harmful, but wonder bar does wonders for you and nothing else will ever do. (read more on the wonder bar soap page)

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6 reviews for SATEEN FACIAL OIL – 30ml

  1. J. Taylor from Van nuys, CA

    LOVE SATEEN!!! It softens and hydrates one’s skin like nothing else in the marketplace. The results are lasting – one morning I forgot to use it and finished my makeup. When I realized I had forgotten moisturizer (Sateen), it was not an issue whereas before Sateen my skin would have been dry and awful (I am approaching mid 70s in age). Jackie Kennedy was an advocate of almond oil and had a gorgeous complexion – Sateen contains a base of almond oil, but with organic orange and lemon oils added that (in my mind) ensure no rancidity. I remember the days of all of us emulating Jackie; however, we never found the right almond oil (because Sateen was not around in the 1960s!). Thank you, Frequency Foods, for Sateen!

  2. K. Levendoske from Wisconsin

    Sateen facial oil is an amazing product! For 17 years I’ve been applying 4 drops of Sateen in the morning and evening and I don’t want to EVER be without it! My face feels soft and is blemish free. Whenever the question of age comes up in conversation and I tell someone that I’m 58, an expression of awe comes over their face and they say, “you don’t look that old”! (It is sort of fun to get that reaction)! One of my friends just said to me last week, “you don’t have the wrinkles that the rest of us have”. I attribute that to SATEEN! (She did decide to order some). I will use this product for as long as I live! I also use the Glacial Blue and the Whisper of Silk and I’m just as happy with them. Thank you Frequency Foods!

  3. Katherine Soto from Asheville, NC

    I’ve used Sateen Oil on my face for more than 5 years and absolutely no creams, lotions or make-up. I get comments all the time on how beautiful my skin is on my face. Thank you Frequency Foods for making available products that are great for our bodies and are non-toxic and chemical free!


    Flat out amazing stuff. I use Sateen for just about everything! I use it on my face, hands, throat, legs. I even use it inside my cat’s ears to keep them from drying out and becoming itchy. It is also good for cleaning out my pet’s ears. Great product

  5. D. JOHN from EL MONTE, CA

    WONDERFUL PRODUCT! I use Sateen for my skin and love the smoothness and its smell. I was amazed to see what it did for my pores, making them smaller and tighter. I am a big fan of both Sateen and Glacial Blue. These are wonderful products. I am presently trying Sateen for my spider veins. I always buy an extra bottle so I can pass one on to a friend to enjoy.

  6. M Brumley from MD.

    My kitty, Skylar, had a bloody spot on her ear. I couldn’t tell if it was a scratch or a wound, but it was bloody and crusty and kept scabbing up. She is very sensitive to anything I put on her and tries to lick it off, so I didn’t want to put anything toxic or chemical based on it, so I decided to try a couple of drops of Sateen. I rubbed it in the wound in the morning and then again in the evening, and she didn’t even notice it. The next day it was almost completely healed and gone!! Amazing!

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