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Frequency Foods is a 32-year-old family business. We strive to help people who are enthusiastic about and committed to health and wellness. We provide health and skincare products as well as cutting-edge technologies. Our experience in the industry helps us understand your lifestyle requirements and to provide solutions.

Frequency Foods

The Story of Frequency Foods

My name is Leara Clausing, one of the founders of Frequency Foods. I had been eating organically for 27 plus years and thought I was living in a relatively pristine environment, in rural Washington state. I had been taking huge amounts of supplements, but evidently, to no avail.

At that time, my husband/business partner and I were introduced to a formulator, who spoke our cutting-edge-technology language, and were encouraged by friends to try his products.

"NO!" I said with great resistance." I have tried everything under the sun, and nothing has worked!" After more detailed conversations, we began understanding his ingredients and formulation practices. I was finally convinced to try his products.

Indeed, it was one last chance to regain my health.

Frequency Foods
Frequency Foods

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Featured Review

Yvonne S – Marysville CA

I am 83 years old with rheumatoid arthritis. It is REALLY bad. I refuse to take pain killers for many reasons, but I hurt so badly all the time. My daughter introduced me to this CBD oil. I had tried others and was always disappointed. I had no expectations. The first day I used it was the first day I stopped crying in pain. I couldn’t believe it. First time my hands didn’t hurt!!! I called my friends immediately and told them I had found something that worked. None of them would try it, because they said it was “Pot.” I tried to explain, but if they want to live in pain, bless them. I couldn’t even brush my teeth without horrible pain. Now I can even work in the garden again and pick up heavy rocks and throw them in the wheel barrow!