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Energizing Life Force Gel – Jar 5oz

The extraordinary Energizing Life Force Gel is infused with a Vibrational Energy that acts as a conductor, using vibrational, Sound-Infusing Technology. This technology enhances your field and assists the body in healing physically and energetically. The unique energy transference from the Gel allows for the assimilation into one’s body, harmonizing the electromagnetic systems, clearing away unwanted negative energy or radiation, as well as a long list of other benefits for optimal healing and health. If you’re in need of more energy or pain relief, our Sound-Infused Energizing Gel is the solution. This amazing Gel can even wake you up from a groggy state in the morning (or any time) and get your brain on-line when you apply it to your forehead, temples, and neck.

When your energetic field (or bio-electromagnetic body) is out of balance, the body becomes weakened and vulnerable, causing it to be susceptible to any kind of disease or illness, fatigue or other ailments.

By adding the Life Force Gel (and Kaolin Clay Powder) to your daily routine, you may feel the difference immediately or within days. With continued use, you will be able to increase and strengthen your field, which, in turn, can create well-being within the body.




Bring relief to the toughest stress and tension in your neck, shoulders, and back. Re-balance negative energy that you’re holding in these areas.

Apply to any area of discomfort or soreness.

Great for immediate needs or daily maintenance, morning, noon, and night.


Get relief from swelling and discomfort. For many people, legs seem to be the most common ailment. Just apply gel and alter that negative energy that’s been bothering you.

Do you know that your “electrical fuse box” for your entire system is found at the bottom of your feet. Use the gel to re-balance these acupuncture points or meridians everyday.


Did you know that we are made up of energy? Use our conductive gel to re-balance the places that are causing you stress.  Anywhere is fine. If your elbow is sore, apply all around the joint, not just the spot of discomfort. Think of covering the entire area to seal in the healing energy. 


When experiencing any kind of hypertension or panic attacks, use the gel on areas near or on the Chakra energy centers, especially the neck, chest, and forehead.

To balance these energy centers, use the gel as needed.


Our conductive Energizing Life force gels are great for removing skin tags, age spots, wrinkles, and bringing a fresh look to your skin. Increased energy means increased blood flow.

You can mix it with our Kaolin Clay powder and make a face mask, or treat stubborn spots with this combination formula.


This gel is great for burns, cuts, bug bites, bumps, bruises, sore muscles, torn ligaments, sprains, and just about anything that is considered an injury or results from a fall. Don’t forget those boo-boos and owies on little ones too. Use the Life force Gel as soon as the injury happens and change the energy immediately and then watch the healing accelerate. Be sure to take the gel with you when you leave home for the outdoors or travel or for any other unexpected events.


Did you know that most headaches occur when there is an imbalance of energy? Correct that energy by applying gel to these points; temples, forehead, and back of the neck. Sinuses giving you trouble? Use our Life Force Gel to breathe more easily.

  • Quantum Energy Conductive Gel, For Broad Range Frequencies, Hypoallergenic, Antibacterial, Non-Sensitizing, Non-Irritating Contains Aloe Vera. Do Not Freeze.  Do not ingest.  Gel is a topical product, and not meant for ingestion.


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  1. Sher Anderson, R.N.

    Wrote to Dr. Don Mantel to tell him about a baby born with the chord around her neck. The diagnosis was not good. Clearly there was brain damage. Nothing could be done. A friend of the mother, Sher suggested giving 1/4 tsp. in the baby’s food. There was little change in the brain, but digestion improved. She tried rubbing the gel on her brain. No change. Then they placed the Gel on the bottom of her feet, especially on the underside of the large toes, the acupuncture meridian point for the brain. The effects were immediate. The progress became rapid and phenomenal. She began to communicate in murmers, she could track activity in the room, she gained muscle tone. Coordination of the limbs was the last to respond. Two months later, she was a different child. She started to crawl and a year later, she walked. All of this has been thoroughly documented. No other treatments had worked. The specialists all said it was perposterous and they must have gotten the original diagnosis wrong. For Sher, she has concluded that she will now try the Clay and Gel with all her patients before anything else.

  2. Loona Snoot, Certified Nurse Midwife, Utah

    On ambulence duty, a baby was born with a collapsed lung. The lung was needing to be reinflated which usually takes about 10 hours using equipment. As the medical team went to get the equipment, I asked the father if it would be alright with him to rub some Gel on the baby’s chest and on his feet to hit all the meridian points. He gave his consent. Immediately, the monitor which had been showing high respirations, indicated decreased respirations. The heartbeat and all vital signs returned to normal within 5 minutes. By the time the team came back, the lung was reinflated. They were in total shock to see the baby was normal, including skin color. We didn’t say anything about the Gel. We thought they would have thought we were making it up.

  3. Leara Clausing, CA

    My mother is always one of my best test subjects. With the new Energizing Gel and new Kaolin Clay Powder, my mother had fantastic results. She kept having a repeat break-out of what looked like ringworm. No matter what she used, it would last for months. She applied the new Clay on her recent bout and instead of months, it was gone in days. She was elated. She also had an excema-like rash on her chest for countless years and began to apply a daily poultice with the new Clay. It took about 6 weeks and it, too, is gone. She also used the Gel to rid herself of a rash along her hairline due to sensitivity of hair products that always acted up after a salon treatment. No more problem. She loves to use the Sateen followed by the Gel as it gives a softness and a glow to her skin. All of her friends are now using the Gel and Powder. They report relief from skin disorders, pain, neuropathy, and love it for the beauty of their skin. They all say that these are both keepers!

  4. Rhonda Mitchell, B.C.

    Rhonda stopped taking most of her pain killers and does not require hours more of sleep during the day. She no longer needs her walker and cane. She plays with her kids and goes on camping trips with them. Within 3 days of starting the Clay her energy level went way up. Two months later her life completely changed. Her husband said that he used to have to inject her with Demoral every day or so, before she started the Clay Powder. He hasn’t needed to do this since. Rhonda had M.S. and has completely recovered.

  5. Don Mantel, M.D. Philadelphia, PA

    I suffered extreme pain due to injury to my neck and upper shoulders, even swallowing was excruciating. I tried everything to no avail. A friend took pity and sent me some Gel saying that she thought it might help. I immediately applied a thin coat of the Gel onto one of my sorest areas. The pain decreased dramatically in about 10-15 seconds. It was unbelievable to me that such horrendous pain could subside so quickly. I began rubbing the gel everywhere-muscles, ligaments, tendons– and soon I was almost pain free. I was gleeful. Even some of the discs in my spine and neck adjusted and I could turn my head without shooting pains. I began a study of this miraculous product and later, wrote a lengthy article in the Well Being Journal which included a wealth of testimonies I subsequently collected. One of my patients with herniated discs used the Gel and within 4 days was pain free. Another patient had breast cancer and after 2 months was cancer free after using the Clay Powder and the Gel. “I have also had success with those with Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and more. I have no reservations giving my patients these products,”

  6. Sher Anderson, R.N.

    My sister found a mass in her breast. She was given a week before surgery. I suggested she use the Gel, rubbing it on the mass 3 times a day. She went in a week later and was told by her Physician that some of the fingers on the mass were gone, and the mass overall was less dense and more see-through than before. The Doctor still wanted to proceed with a biopsy, but we asked for a 2 month extension. In that time period, my sister kept up with the Gel 3 times a day while taking 1/2 tsp. of the Clay Powder daily. When she went back 2 months later, there was nothing there. The mass was completely gone.

  7. Adrian C

    Great for arthritis

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