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Ingredients: Organic Orange and Lime Oils gently swirled in a base of Organic sweet Almond oil. Overlaid with Zeropoint Technology.


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Whisper of silk
This product is to be used every time you step out of your shower or bath. Whisper of silk will replace oils you may have “lost” due to drying chemicals often found in the very water you are bathing in. Whisper of Silk, with its wonderful scent, will re-balance your skin while you enjoy splashing it generously on your body. It has many other uses as well as replacing toxic alternatives. Use it as an air freshener, polish for your wood furniture; after sun tanning. For your animals: since it has citrus in it you can spray your animals to keep the insects away; use as a delightful bug spray for yourself!
Ingredients: organic sweet almond oil, organic orange oil, organic lime oil. Overlaid with zero-point technology.
With wonder bar soap: you will never let another soap touch your skin after trying this one. Soap is typically drying and even harmful, but wonder bar does wonders for you and nothing else will ever do.
(read more on the wonder bar page)
With glacial blue: you are offered healthy gums, clean teeth, fresh breath, an oil, rather than a paste to maintain a pristine environment for your mouth. (read more on the glacial blue page)
With sateen: you are offered glowing and clean skin, an anti-aging product, replacement for your regime of creams and moisturizers. An all in one product. (read more on the sateen page)
Comfort: use this oil immediately after pulling a muscle, after an injury, for bruising, a twisted ankle, after a game of tennis. It will bring blood to the surface to facilitate faster healing. Use to keep the bugs off your skin or as a relief for insect bites or stings. (read more on the comfort page)
All these products will become your daily choice for clean and healthful living. You won’t need to buy anything else. We promise!!
Frequency foods is one-stop shopping for all your personal care. If purity in ingredients and ultimate results are what you are seeking, seek no more.

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3 reviews for WHISPER OF SILK – 120 ml

  1. P.ANGELINA from Sun Lakes, Arizona

    SOOOOOO Soothing! I LOVE all your oils!!! I use Whisper of Silk in my eyes! When I get tired, strained or dry eyes I put some on my fingertip and place it in the corner of each eye. It burns sometimes but then it is soooo soothing. A girlfriend tried it and she said it cleared up the mucous in her eyes. I also find it is great for make-up removal–love it for taking off mascara. Of course I use it all over my body as a body splash and on my dry legs. I also prefer it as an air freshener. I even use it as a natural mosquito repellent which works great! I bathe in this stuff! and like I said ALL their oils are fabulous.

  2. NATALIE N. from New York

    I love the smell of Whisper of Silk. I love the silk of the Wonder Bar soap. I love Sateen too. Guess you can say I am a fan. But my skin looks and feels great and I have actually simplified my beauty regime. Seriously, I am very grateful there is a company whose products I can trust. Cheers!

  3. MaryJo Boerema from Hudsonville, Michigan

    I am half-way thru my 1st bottle of WoS. This product is nothing short of amazing. No more dry skin! I don’t like to put “stuff” on my skin I can’t pronounce. WoS leaves no greasy feeling, smells wonderful and my skin feels soft and silky!! Between Sateen, Wos, and Glacial Blue, and wonder bar soap, What else do I need… NOTHING!! 🙂

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