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Ingredients: IT IS 100% PURE-NO CHEMICALS OR PRESERVATIVES: Eucalyptus; Winter Green; Almond Oil; Camphor; Peppermint Oil

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Comfort Spray: all of the same wonderful pain-relieving formula now available in a convenient spray.
Comfort: use this oil immediately after pulling a muscle, after an injury, for bruising, a twisted ankle, after a game of tennis. It will bring blood to the surface to facilitate faster healing.
If you have a cold, use comfort on your chest and around your nostrils for comfort and relief. Your sinuses will begin to clear and you will breathe more easily. On an airplane keep dotting your nostrils with comfort to prevent contagion and dry air that might irritate your nasal passages.
Also, you may use comfort, with its rich, pleasing scent, to keep the bugs off your skin or as a relief for insect bites or stings.
Use in the bath to ease the muscles and relieve stress. Use on shoulders and neck when you return home for aches and pain. Use on temples or areas of the head for headaches. Always put some on the nostrils to allow the brain to “smell it.”
Use with animals for muscles, ligaments, injuries, stings or bites, with great success. Non-toxic.
It is 100% pure-no chemicals or preservatives:
eucalyptus; wintergreen; almond oil; camphor; peppermint oil
With glacial blue: you are offered healthy gums, clean teeth, fresh breath, an oil, rather than a paste to maintain a pristine environment for your mouth. (read more on the glacial blue page)
With sateen: you are offered glowing and clean skin, an anti-aging product, replacement for your regime of creams and moisturizers. An all in one product. (read more on the sateen page)
With wonder bar soap: you will never let another soap touch your skin after trying this one. Soap is typically drying and even harmful, but wonder bar does wonders for you and nothing else will ever do. (read more on the wonder bar soap page)
And then there is Whisper of Silk: this product is to be used every time you step out of your shower or bath. Whisper of Silk will replace oils you may have “lost” due to drying chemicals often found in the very water you are bathing in. Whisper of Silk will rebalance your skin while you enjoy splashing it generously on your body. It has many other uses as well to replace toxic alternatives. Use it as an air freshener, polish for your wood furniture; after sun tanning. For your animals: since it has citrus in it you can spray your horses to keep the insects away; use as a delightful bug spray for yourself as well. (read more on the whisper of silk page)
All these products will become your daily choice for clean and healthful living. You won’t need to buy anything else. We promise!


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8 reviews for COMFORT 50 ml


    My family and I use Comfort for everything–bruises, cramps, bites, in the bathwater or anytime we ache or are sore. I had a sudden painful cramp in my ankle, put Comfort on it and almost immediately-no pain! If my husband or my son get hurt, the first thing they say is, “Get the Comfort!” When my husband hurt his leg badly and we used Comfort right away, it got black and blue but it never swelled and it never hurt. I also love the smell. I don’t ever want to run out.

  2. John Steller from Washington

    I was up in the loft of the barn when my left leg went straight through some floorboards up past my thigh. I was so shocked I jerked the leg out thinking nothing of it till I examined it back at the house. Within 30 minutes it was black and blue. By morning it had turned colors I never knew were possible. I thought “what the heck.” I used the Comfort 4-5 times a day. I wouldn’t have believed it lest I saw it for myself. Within days the leg started to heal.


    I have nerve damage in my back that shoots all the way down my entire leg. My shoulder blades flare up too. My work makes everything worse. I also have pulled muscles in my fingers. I use Comfort for all these things with great success. I use a lot of it, and it really works for me.


    We have lots of mosquitoes in Minnesota and I hate using chemicals on my body. So when I discovered that Comfort works great for mosquitoes I was thrilled. Wherever I put on Comfort I am not bitten and wherever I don’t, I do. It does a great job on the itching and swelling of bug bites also. I love the smell of it, glad the bugs don’t.

  5. Joyce Mote from Indiana

    My first purchase of Comfort was for itching and bug bites and I liked it. For three years I have suffered from nightly cramps in my legs and feet that cause me to jump out of bed to walk for relief. One night in desperation, I grabbed my bottle of Comfort and lathered it on my legs. The relief was incredible. I looked on your website for other reviews of this product but did not see any reviews of Comfort at all. I decided to leave my own review. Comfort has been a godsend for me and one bottle lasts a very long time.


    I went to my doctor about a muscle spasm in my neck and he gave me some pills to take at night. I gave it some time but the pills didn’t help. Then I remembered the product Comfort and thought what the heck. I started applying the Comfort onto the area that felt like a twitching or nerve thing thinking it would NOT do anything. I couldn’t believe it. I started sleeping through the night and the Comfort took care of it once and for all. I would much rather do something non-toxic rather than taking pills any day.

  7. C.Grizzell from Auburn, CA

    COMFORT IS A LIFESAVER! This morning I ran right into the metal corner of the bed frame. My shin Screamed in pain. I ran and got the Comfort oil. I immediately poured it on the forming bump. Then I put a Zero point coaster (also available through Frequency Foods) on the spot and wrapped it on with an ace bandage. I was doubtful as it was hurting like crazy, but 30 – 45 SECONDS LATER – NO PAIN AT ALL!!! I was amazed. What would normally have ached for hours was gone in seconds. These products just keep on amazing me. How wonderful.

  8. Christeena Brubaker from Salt Lake City, Utah

    I have fibromyalgia and use this oil day and night during times when I have pain flare-ups.

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