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There is a reason many of our customers have been with us for 24 years. It is because of the products work.  We know that as we get older, we become depleted of enzymes, probiotics, and minerals and Vitamin C.  Our products, in our opinion, are necessary for everyone in today’s stressful climate.


Minerals are the building blocks of health.   Minerals are a critical component of healthy cell division providing us with healthy skin, eyes, nails, hair, bones, blood and maintenance of the body. Utilize minerals for leg cramps, allergies, mental function, brain function, fatigue, & nerves.

Vitamin Supreme is an excellent vitamin-mineral-enzyme supplement that provides a boost to even the most diverse and complete diet. Added powerful enzyme complex allows for continual digestion of the vitamin-mineral matrix that results in far higher bio-availability of its ingredients.  Here is a look at some of the vitamins and minerals found in this incredible formula:

  •     Vitamin A  needed for healthy skin, bones, growth and enhanced immunity.
  •      Vitamin C enhances immunity to provide powerful protection against viruses, bacteria, and other toxins. Reduces free radical damage that can lead to serious illness and disease.
  •      Vitamin D3 helps your body to absorb calcium needed to make healthy bones.
  •      Vitamin E a powerful antioxidant that works to protect your cell membranes against free radicals.
  •      Vitamin K needed to help blood clots.  Vitamin K is also needed for maintaining healthy bones by allowing bones to grab onto and hold calcium in place.
  •      Full B Vitamin Complex:
  •      B1 used to control metabolism and ensure proper nerve function.
  •      B2 also works on your metabolism and promotes good vision and healthy skin.
  •      B3 used in over 50 different processes in the body. Niacin makes enzymes that help your cells turn carbohydrates into energy. Niacin can lower LDL cholesterol and raise HDL.
  •      B6 helps to turn the proteins that you eat into proteins your body can use.  B6 also converts carbohydrates into energy.
  •      B12 used in making healthy red blood cells and works with other B vitamins in converting food into energy.
  •      Biotin B-complex vitamin essential to the metabolism of carbohydrates and fat.
  •      Pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B5
  •      Folate the natural form of folic acid found in foods.  Folic acid is needed for normal growth and maintenance of the cells in your body.
  •      Yellow Dock Root for natural iron, an essential mineral needed to make hemoglobin.
  •      Kelp for natural iodine, an essential trace mineral needed to make thyroid hormones.
  •     Calcium needed to build bones and teeth.

 All vitamins (including C, E and B) and minerals (including calcium, magnesium, and iron) depend on enzymes for proper absorption. VME Complete has enzymes in the formula!

We suggest taking Vitamin Supreme WITH food. The vitamin B3, also known as niacin can create a “niacin flush,” particularly when taken without food. This is a very healthy side benefit, opening up the capillaries and bringing blood to the epidermis.  Some people enjoy a niacin flush, others do not. You can expect the skin expressing a reddish color and feeling tingly, itchy, and warm.



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2 reviews for VITAMIN SUPREME – 240 CT. CAPSULES

  1. Jon L. KS

    So, I have always taken a handful of vitamins for years. When I spoke to Leara one day at Frequency Foods, she told me I was wasting my money because the body sees vitamins as “isolates.” I challenged her that the VME was like a handful of vitamins too! She said the difference was that the Vitamins were couched in the Minerals and Enzymes so the body would see them as food and that was the only delivery system the body understood. Isolates are isolated and the body doesn’t know what they are. Anyway, it does feel like my energy levels have stabilized (which I needed) and I feel confident that the VME is doing some good things overall. I really like the convenience in “one-stop-shopping,” so the VME fills the bill. I started out with 1 with food and then moved up to 2. I will definitely keep taking them. Jon L. KS

  2. Donna McAsey

    I LOVE that there’s so much in only a pill! Do not like the necessity of taking a large variety of supplements daily in order to feel I’m getting what I need. So, when I came across VME I decided to try them. Perfect! I literally could feel them taking effect. This is my multi for life. I will be adding a couple of other Frequency products as I am now a true believer.

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