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We have brought back a second specialty soap we just love called Facial Scrub. This soap will last you about 3-4 months, (keeping it away from the shower spray). This is an incredible soap for exfoliating the skin. Get rid of dead skin cells; clean off all the sweat from working out, a dirty job, working in the garden. All you do is wet your body, apply wherever you want to exfoliate, let it sit on the skin for a few minutes, rinse off and rub the area with tips of the fingers until dirt, skin cells, sweat, comes up and rinse again.

I use this Facial Scrub at least twice a week on my face followed by Sateen (after I dry off from the shower). This saves costly spa treatments that do the same thing. Your skin is as soft as a baby’s bum.

Do you have dandruff? Use this soap to wash your hair, followed by a conditioner if you prefer and no more dandruff. A problem with acne? Apply the soap to your skin for 5 minutes each day and rinse off. (For acne we recommend taking Vitamin C, Probiotics, and Total Food as well). Have rashes? Use on your rash and notice the itch is relieved.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of coconut; organic sustainable palm, and olive: an herbal oil infusion of chamomile, comfrey and calendula; fragrance oil, cinnamon, and other natural ingredients.


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3 reviews for FACIAL SCRUB

  1. E. Carnahan – MN

    A soap that is gentle on the skin yet cleans great. Easily rinses off with out any residue. I also love the Facial Scrub. Using it once or twice a week keeps my skin fresh and new. I love how soft these products make my skin feel. I finish off with Sateen. My friends can not believe how young I look. In mid 50s and not even a hint of a wrinkle. Thank you Frequency Foods.

  2. K.Hay – CA

    Who would think I could get excited about a soap???? Well, a friend of mine gifted me the soaps offered by Frequency Foods for Christmas and right away all I can say is WOW!. In the desert, my skin can get very dry. I noticed how amazingly silky the Wonder Bar soap is and don’t think I have ever had such a silky feeling before. My skin was way less dry and I just love the feel of it! I have been using their Sateen and I know it is on the expensive side for a body lotion, but when I use it on my legs and arms it not only softens my skin, but it also gives it a youthful look. The facial scrub is wonderful too and I use it a couple of times a week to exfoliate my face. My friend uses it for dandruff. Great products.

  3. Melissa R. CO

    I love the Facial Scrub! I exfoliate my skin two times a week and get all the dirt and sweat off my face. I do it a bit differently than the instructions. I suds up my face in the shower and let it sit there a minute or 2 and then rinse off. I use my fingers more in an up and down motion, putting pressure on my face. You can feel the dirt come off right away. I also stretch my mouth like a yawn to tighten my face. This way I am not pulling the skin. If it is a lot of dirt I will do the process one more time. Then after the shower, I use Sateen and the results are devine, definitely comparable to what I use to pay at a salon. I have told all “the girls” about it, and have been saving a lot of friends beaucoup dollars and the same beautiful skin. I like to use the soaps and the Sateen as birthday and Xmas presents. And btw, it is great for dandruff too.

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