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Newsletter Jan – Feb 2019

Over the years I have received many calls from customers pleading for help with the pain and itching of shingles. Ten years ago, it was not really prevalent, but today it is all too common. I did the best to provide relief with our products, but I did this without truly understanding the nature of this nasty beast. I never imagined that I would contract Shingles, as the most common reasons for getting it is a weak immune system and stress. My immune system was strong and yes, I was under a lot of stress, but was not convinced that that would be a cause in my case.

I did an extensive study on shingles and found out something most people probably don’t know. Another possible way of contracting it is to consume too much arginine. Arginine is a basic amino acid that is a constituent of most proteins. In and of itself it is healthful, however extreme amounts ( like most things ) can lead to the worsening of herpes flares and to shingles. I was, in fact, eating large amounts of macadamia nuts, seeds, coconut, and a bit of cacao chocolate every day all of which have high amounts of arginine. Bottom line, I got shingles.

If you have never had shingles, I pray that you never get them. This assault is the meanest skin disorder I have ever been through! However, the upside is, I finally understand its nature, needs, and characteristics. I spent quite a lot of money on different essential oils and different formulas to find the greatest relief. I was successful in finding lotions that worked and products to take internally for quicker healing.

What I have personally experienced and through subsequent interviews of those who have also had it, is that there are several “types” of shingles. You can have more than 1 type going on at the same time. One type may respond well to an oil or lotion while the other type does not. One product may be a salvation for one person, but does nothing for another. There are also stages you go through with shingles. So, the very start of it may do well with one application vs. the middle and the end. Understanding that, I am going to share with you all the things that worked for me, and others that I know, in hopes that you may find relief with all or some of them. We now have a number of these products available for purchase at Frequency Foods, but a
few of them will have to be ordered online or at health food stores. They’re designed specifically for shingles, herpes or aggresive skin-related issues.

The very start of shingles usually appears as a small group of bumps that itch or burn. I thought I had been bitten repeatedly by a spider or mosquito. I never suspected shingles. I covered it several times a day with Glacial Blue, alternating with our Energized Kaolin Clay. It went away in about 2 weeks. However, this is when I went online considering that, maybe, this had been shingles. I read about the arginine and said, “No way. I can’t get shingles from macadamia nuts!!” I continued overdoing it as stated above. Four weeks later, I had a massive break out of shingles on my back. (THEN, I stopped my arginine intake). The misery with shingles was astonishing. My back was covered. It burned and itched. The Glacial Blue no longer worked. It had never failed me before with other rashes or bites, but not this time.

To now make a long story shorter, after much experimentation, I found that using a thick poultice or paste with our Energized Kaolin Clay brought immediate relief. I could go for half a day without reapplying. I tied my shirt at my waist so I wasn’t tracking dried powder all over the house. As the shingles progressed, I turned to a combination of the essential oils of Camphor, Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint which was very comforting. We can provide you with this formula, freshly made, so you do not have to buy everything and assemble it yourself. Oils need to be added to a carrier such as Witch Hazel or coconut. We add it to what is called Fractionated Coconut Oil, which works very well. We will make it for you at your request. I also found alternating with a second formula can be a good idea, but I would just start with one formula and see if it works for you and if not, try a different essential oil formula which we can also provide.

Like I said, some things work on one area, but not the other. After my back was doing much better, I broke out in a horrendous red rash in a large circle on my stomach that had searing pain, like I had burned my skin on a hot oven. It had lots of tiny bumps and was even more painful than my back ever was. I tried the oils, but it didn’t cut it. Then I used the Newly Formulated Lotion we now carry that is also infused with technology. It is available for anyone with really stubborn skin breakouts like shingles. It is called Energized Living Lotion. The first time I put it on, I felt this wonderful cooling affect. I needed to use this lotion every hour to start, but always got relief. I also used the oils, but only twice a day. The rash healed quite quickly compared to my back and I was soon using the Lotion only twice a day. My shingles episode lasted about 5 weeks. I added a specific B12 that dissolves in your mouth by Natural Factors, with Methylcobalamin 1000 mcg, that I purchased at the health food store. I took 4 of our Amylase every 3-4 hours. I also took an organic Oregano oil that is encapsulated, taking two, 3 times a day, that I also got at the health food store. All of these things are anti-viral and allergy related. I highly recommend taking all of them.

You will also notice isolated stray bumps, sometimes in singles or in twos. As soon as you see that be sure to cover them with the Oils or Lotion repeatedly until they disappear. Left alone, they will be spread. Get to them right away.

A few notes: Be careful about touching your face. You don’t want to pass shingles to your eyes or face! If someone is treating your skin for you, ALWAYS have them wear gloves and/or use a cotton pad. It is highly contagious. If you always keep the outbreak covered, people are less likely to get it. I only had two t-shirts I could wear that were comfortable on my back. Soft cotton fabric that is cool seems to be the best. When the area starts to heal or fade, continue using the Living Lotion or Energized Gel we carry, until every dot fades away. Shingles can remain in the system for a long time. I have noticed a spot here or there weeks later. Keep looking for strays and cover them until absolutely no sign of bumps exist. The Gel, Sateen, and/or Living Lotion will help to restore the health and vitality of your damaged skin. And NEVER scratch!!!!

What in the world is going on? As per the Washington Post, there a few good doctors out there, but many seem to be misreading test reports… too often. And then guess what happens? You’re diagnosed with diseases you don’t have. You’re subjected to procedures you don’t actually need which can lead to unpleasant or even debilitating consequences. Every year in the U.S., doctors get more than 4 billion tests done for their patients. Think about that. Four billion tests! As a patient, I’d expect my doctor to be able to accurately interpret what comes back on those tests, but something is amiss. In an interview of 100 doctors, 85% said they rarely, if ever, mention to patients the possibility of tests not being accurate. As an example, researchers found 80% of the doctors may have overestimated the usefulnesss of 10 common medical tests. It goes without saying: the accuracy of a test is critical to proper treatment.

Even worse, many doctors think the tests are more accurate than they truly are. Some are not exactly experts in statistics. So they fail to understand how false positives work. One study stated that gynecologists estimated that 80% of women who had a positive mammogram had breast cancer. In reality, it’s actually less than 10%!!!! Research has found that doctors make similar mistakes with other tests, like those for prostate and lung cancer, heart attacks, asthma, and Lyme disease.

How did we get so off track? It starts with today’s medical school training. Future docs are simply not given enough instruction on interpreting statistics and understanding the probability of false positives. Also, our over-litigious society leads to doctors getting more tests than truly needed just to protect themselves against getting sued. And finally, it comes back to how much the medical field make from it. These studies just underscore the need for you to ask questions about results, seek other opinions, and know your options for your own healthcare. Your health is in your hands. Now more than ever. Jeff Regan

The number of Americans who have trouble sleeping is in the tens of millions. Pills like Benadryl and Tylenol PM are often the choice of seniors. The active ingredient in many of these meds, diphenhydramine, blocks brain chemicals that play a major role in alertness, learning, and memory. They can cause constipation and confusion, along with other more nasty side effects and are considered generally inappropriate. Duh. It gets worse. Men, if you have prostate problems, these drugs can lead to urinary retention. Studies found that even taking these meds once or twice a week significantly increase your risk of dementia— to the tune of 54 percent! Prescription drugs are another kettle of fish, causing headaches, dizziness, nausea, hallucinations… even falling asleep while eating or driving. They can certainly lead to car accidents, falls, depression, and some are associated with cancers. Doctors aren’t supposed to prescribe sleeping pills for more than a week to 10 days. However, the reality is that they are refilling them like crazy. Be careful out there.

“I read the testimonies on the Gel and I had to have it!! My husband and I tried it on all our painful areas. We both found that it quickly helped our knees and my husband’s shoulder, but I have a back that is in off-the-chart pain. I expected miracles and was disappointed. I kept at it though. Then I started using the Gel followed by the Comfort Oil and started to get results. I used it like this throughout the day and found I was more stable and walking much better. Instead of pain at levels of 12+, it was more like a 6 or 7. I am going to continue doing this, as it is the first time I have found ANYTHING that could give me relief! ” J.Grant, Indiana

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