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Newsletter July / August 2018

Is your coffee secretly poisoning you? The reason that you feel energized from a cup of coffee may be due to a heavy metal called cadmium. Cadmium is linked to prostate cancer, endometrial cancer, AND increases the risk of breast cancer. It accelerates cellular aging, causes lung diseases, skin disorders, heart, and muscle disorders. Cadmium, is a heavy metal; it is very, very toxic and it interferes with normal physiological processes, that are necessary for good lifelong health. Mike Adams [If you must drink coffee, at the very least, PLEASE place one of our 3.5″ discs under it to neutralize these deadly effects. You are believing that you’re getting energized from the caffeine, and that may be true, but mostly you are getting a cadmium rush! The disc addresses the acid in coffee, which is another side effect you do not want. It also enhances the taste of the coffee as a bonus].

It has become clear that no matter how long you have been taking Frequency Foods products, some of you still need a review on taking them correctly. So here are the guidelines. Please feel free to make copies or post this on your bulletin board. 

(All FrequencyFoods products stored in a cool environment can last for 5-7 years).

In general, if you are sensitive to products, take smaller amounts and work up to the suggested level over 7 days to 3 months or so. Some products must be on an empty stomach, some have no restrictions. Please take an hour away from any medication. If required to be on an empty stomach, waiting 30- 40 minutes before or after food is sufficient. (See individual information sheets for more information).

VITAMIN C: START SLOWLY!!! This is REAL Vitamin C, unlike any other, you have taken. There are no brownie points for being in a hurry. Start slowly taking small amounts every morning and every evening on an empty stomach. Work up to the suggested amount over several weeks to several months, depending on how toxic you are. It must be taken twice a day to do its job in keeping your immune system strong. Again, take your time working up. Our Vitamin C will begin to clean the body of its accumulated poisons. If you increase slowly, the detox will be gentle. If you feel you are getting a cold or flu, you may increase the Vitamin C for a couple of days (along with increased amounts of our Probiotics-not taken together or at the same time) and you will most likely not become ill due to the fact that you are overwhelming the bad guys with the good guys! If you have heart issues, are chemically sensitive or are very ill, start with as little as 1/16th of a tsp. in water 2x a day. Having said that, this is probably the most important product you will ever take to assist you in your health and well being. You may offer it to children, but start them at 1/16th of a tsp. as well. 

Capsules: Take with water ONLY. Most people level out to 2 or 3 capsules twice a day for maintenance. Powder: Use orange juice or water ONLY or a combination of both. Most people level out to 1/2 tsp. twice a day, but you may take more over time.

PROBIOTICS: Powder: you may eat it right off the spoon and let it dissolve in your mouth or mix with water ONLY. Because the planet is so contaminated, we recommend maintenance to be at least 1 rounded tsp. a day. Start slowly, work up over 4-10 days. Capsules: take 5-7 capsules daily with water ONLY. Children take the product in the same manner as adults. You may take as much as you like without concern. Please take on an empty stomach. Increase aggressively for 2 days if symptoms of illness are present (10 – 15 twice a day for 2 days). This product is gentle and extremely effective. You can never take too many. Therapeutic Probiotics are in POWDER only. Try using 1-3 bottles when addressing anything stubborn or aggressive and then return to regular Probiotics. 

AMYLASE: Take on an empty stomach with water ONLY. For bronchitis, congestion, allergies, asthma, etc..take 8 several times a day until symptoms are gone. If the lungs are full, you may do a clean-out protocol of 10-15 twice a day using up to 4 bottles and then go to maintenance. If you have a crisis situation–a sting or bite or allergic reaction take 15 immediately and again 30 minutes later. You can never take too many. If you also have our Enzymes, alternate between Amylase and Enzymes taking 10 each time until confident all is well. For maintenance, take 4 a day on an empty stomach. 

TOTAL FOOD: Use Total Food as a meal replacement to lose weight or take with meals to gain weight. Mix in a smoothie, any juice, sprinkle on food or eat right off the spoon. Stir into liquid or use a blender. You can take your Enzymes, Green Garden, and Minerals together with your Total Food as well. Take with any liquid or food.

GREEN GARDEN: Like the Enzymes, you can never take too much Green Garden. Take 4-8 with every meal. May also be taken on an empty stomach. Take with any liquid or food.

ENZYMES: You can never take too many Enzymes. The body craves them. The more dense the meal, the more Enzymes. If you can find the time, it is useful to also take 2-5 once a day on an empty stomach. They can then help to clean the blood. Children take the same as adults. If you take the powder, you can mix it with anything you like or take right off the spoon followed by some water. Take with any liquid or food.

1) DIGESTIVE ENZYMES: 5-7 with every meal. 

2) ENZYMES COMPLETE: 5-7 with every meal.

3) LIYFZYMES: (our Therapeutic Enzymes) Capsules: 2-7 with every meal. Powder: 1 tsp.-1/2 TBS. with every meal.

Work up over 10 days and see what level makes you feel the best.

QUANTUM MINERALS: Take 2 with your mid-day meal or with a quick bite of cheese, chicken, nuts or some kind of protein. As these minerals are chelated, they ride the back of the protein molecule to be introduced into the cell wall. In general, young children need not be taking minerals as yet. Take with any liquid or food.

VME: TakeWITH FOOD starting with 1 capsule. Some people level out with 2 at lunch and some take the 3rd one at dinner. Must always be taken with food. Take with any liquid. 

VITAMIN D3: Take2-3 capsules WITH FOOD. Vitamin D3 works best when taken with appropriate minerals. We suggest taking them with Quantum Minerals or VME to get the greatest effect. Take with any liquid.

the evening. Take with or without food. Children need not take this product. Take with any liquid or food.

QUANTUM CLEANSE: If you have chronic elimination issues, you must take the Powder until your problem is resolved! Powder: Start by taking 1/4 tsp. with water or orange juice ONLY or a combo, twice a day. Increase each dose, each day by 1/4 tsp. until you see the results you are looking for. You may not see results immediately, but keep increasing until you do. Take on empty stomach. Depending on the severity of problem, some people must be on greater amounts such as 2 Tbs. twice a day until the situation has eased. Shake in a jar for the best blend. Take Capsules if you just desire to move the toxins out of your system on a regular basis. Capsules: Start with 2 (twice a day) with water and work up to as many as 6. Call me with any questions. 

CREATURE COMFORT PROBIOTICS: Start with 1/4 tsp. in your hand. Smear some on the animal’s lips once or twice until they taste it. After they get a good taste, they should lick it out of your hand. If for some reason they won’t, you can mix it with water ONLY (NO FOOD) in their dish. Ideally, hold their water back until they have had their probiotics. Start with the 1/4 tsp. and work up to the suggested amount over 2 weeks. You cannot overdose on CC Probiotics. Read the label for weights and amounts. Some dogs will vomit if you are pushing their bodies too quickly. Just back down to a lesser amount. This is a forever product just as the human probiotic is for humans.

Crisis situation due to illness, injury, or poisoning etc…immediately administer 3-4 TABLESPOONS over several hours ( 1 TBS. per hour) using a syringe. Fill it with the powder and as little water as possible, just enough to make it liquid enough to pass through the syringe. Keep treating them until the crisis is passed and then return to maintenance. 

CREATURE COMFORT ENZYMES: This product is very powerful. Start after your animal has been on our Creature Comfort Probiotics for a month or so. Start slowly with 1/8th tsp. Offer with meals. Increase slowly using the weights and amounts on the label as guides. If you are offering too much, they might get loose stools. If so, give them less. 

SATEEN: Use 4-5 drops for face, neck, and hands. The face will blush when you apply it, indicating the Sateen is bringing nutrition to the upper layers of skin cells. Use twice a day –in the morning as a moisturizer and at night as a night creme. Men use it for an aftershave and as needed. It can be used ANYWHERE, in or on the body. (See Information Sheet)

WHISPER OF SILK: Spray liberally on the body after a shower to rebalance and normalize the skin. Use as deodorant, aftersun spray, after shaving legs, and so forth. (See Information Sheet)

COMFORT: Use liberally on pulled muscles, bruises, muscle spasms, sore muscles and joints. The faster you can apply to a fresh injury, the faster will be the healing. Use in the bathtub. Put some on the nostrils so the brain can also smell it. Use it for stuffy noses, chest cough, and headaches. Wonderful for animals as well. Good as a natural insect repellent. (See Information Sheet)

GLACIAL BLUE: 2-4 drops on new, high quality, toothbrush, brush normally. You may also place the drops under the tongue and start brushing behind bottom teeth to avoid oil dripping off the toothbrush. (See Information Sheet)

WONDER BAR SOAP: Use as with any soap. May be used as shampoo. Do not leave in the spray of the shower. 

FACIAL SCRUB: Use 2-3 times a week. Apply to face and allow it to sit for a minute or so. Rinse off. Then using tips of fingers, applying some pressure, exfoliate the skin using an up and down or small circular motion. Dirt, grime, and dead skin cells will come up. Rinse again, pat dry, and follow with Sateen. May use as shampoo. Great for dandruff as well. Lather up hands and apply to top of the head then take the bar itself and rub it onto hair in circles. You will get tons of sudsing. No chemicals! Follow with organic conditioner. Use in our protocol to prevent hair loss, along with Citrus Silk.

HEMORRHOIDS using Energizing Life Force Gel: Apply the creme twice a day on hemorrhoid(s). Also, place some on the soles of feet to enter the bloodstream. It may take several months to a year to be completely free, depending on severity. The alternative is surgery which we suggest avoiding. Be patient, this is a far better solution. 

You went to bed last night and your BLOOD PRESSURE was “normal,” but today you have “high blood pressure!” But why???. Your blood pressure’s the same today as it was yesterday. It’s just that the American Heart Associate Task Force on Clinical Practice Guidelines arbitrarily changed what is considered to be high blood pressure. Before, 140/90 or above, meant you had high blood pressure. The new guidelines now drop that to 130/80…The official diagnosis of people with HP went from 75 million to nearly 110 million with the stroke of a pen! That’s good news for drug companies! Not so great for you. High blood pressure is a silent killer, but before you load up on meds try these simple things: Being physically active is key, but you don’t have to go overboard. Just a brisk walk every day. That alone can drop your pressure 8 points. Another simple way to lower BP is to spend a little time each day taking slow, deep breaths. Use your stomach muscles to breath in. And then just relax those same muscles to exhale without any effort. It only takes five minutes a day of breathing like this to see real improvements. Another easy trick — enjoy a square of 70% or more of cacao dark chocolate every day. This daily treat 

helps to lower blood pressure. Indulge a little, but stop with one square. Try listening to soothing music for 30 minutes. This can lower your blood pressure by almost five points. You can also try tea–specifically, hibiscus tea. In one study people who drank three cups a day dropped their blood pressure by 7 points.

EIGHTY % of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their life. Most remedies just address the symptoms of back pain. They don’t treat the actual root cause. What isn’t considered is that Water is critical for the health of the back. Seventy-five percent of the weight of the upper body is supported by the water volume stored in the disc core. Twenty-five percent is supported by the fibrous materials around the disc. The design of all the joints is for water to act as a lubricating agent, as well as bearing the force produced by weight or tension due to muscle action. Simply put: Water supports your spine. If you don’t drink enough of it, your back will most likely hurt. If you drink more of it, your back will be better supported and potentially relieve your pain. It’s similar to neck pain. Drink more water!

Just make sure it’s the right type of waterJeff Reagan

 [You know we have told you about the Enagic Water System. We and 30 others we know personally are still raving about what it has done for them. Call us if you want more info. In the meantime, please don’t drink bottled water or tap water. This only leaves trusting your local health food store to see if they sell alkaline water. It may not be the best, but it is the best option if you can’t afford an Enagic Water System.]

The biggest heart killer is “sudden cardiac arrest.” This is different than a heart attack. It comes on suddenly, sometimes with no symptoms at all. More than half of heart disease deaths happen this way. You probably think you know what to watch for– that sharp pain in your left arm; the sudden shortness of breath; that feeling like there’s an elephant sitting on your chest. All signs of a heart attack. A sudden cardiac arrest isn’t going to give you these same warnings. It is best to know the early signs that can tell you that your heart may be in trouble.

The First Red Flag: Your Legs Start Cramping When You Walk. Regular walks can serve as a heart monitor of sorts. If you begin noticing your legs starting to cramp up even though you’re not walking long or fast, that could be a red flag. If the cramping pain starts in your valves and then travels up your legs, take extra note. These are signs of peripheral artery disease. There’s a high chance the same things are happening to the arteries around your heart.

The Second Red Flag: You Feel Sick to Your Stomach. Now obviously, a bout of stomach flu or encounter with food poisoning isn’t tied to a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest. Take note, however, if when you exercise, you feel unusually nauseous and then when you rest, your stomach settles down. Sometimes, when the heart is unhappy, you’ll feel it in your gut.

The Third Red Flag: You Feel Exhausted for No Reason. Even though everyone feels tired these days, you’ll feel tired ALL the time. It could be your ticker trying to tell you something’s wrong. You may not be getting enough oxygenated blood. A weak heart can eventually fail. I’m not too big on most doctors, but in this case, ignoring red flags can be a serious problem.

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