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INGREDIENTS: Lactobacillus Plantarum; Lactobacillius Acidophilus; Lactobacillius Casei; Bifidobacterium Bifidum; Bifidobacterium Longum



As we have stated in the past, technology is an ever-evolving creature. Frequency Foods prefers to stay ahead of the curve. We have carried our amazing original Probiotic all these years with fabulous results and today we wish to bring to your attention our Probiotic’s big brother- our THERAPEUTIC Master Blend Probiotic.

There are times when only an advanced, kick-butt formula is necessary (although now we, at FF, are all taking the Therapeutic Probiotic as our daily choice). This probiotic has 5 strains of bacteria and offers 6 billion CFU of friendly bacteria per serving. These 5 strains (L Plantarum, Acidophilus, B Bifidum, B Longum, and L Casei) all have 4 and 5-star ratings by independent testing labs. A-4 star rating means the bacteria is very highly resistant. It means 80-90% survive the acid bath. A-5 star rating means the bacteria is extremely resistant and that 90% + survive the acid bath. What makes this product so remarkable is that it is the only (as far as we have ever come across) Acidolphilus that can survive the stomach acid! Our manufacturer has been developing this strain for years and has now introduced “The Elite Acidophilus.” This Acidolphilus not only provides the qualities it is known for but has incredible survivability even up to 140 degrees! Acidophilus has always been the weak link in the chain. While the other 4 strains could tolerate heat and survive the acid bath in the stomach, it never could. Now because it is heat stable and has been tested to be 100% viable up to 97 degrees, we no longer have concerns for a die-off of bacteria in the summertime.

Our regular Probiotics have served us well in the summer heat, but now there is no concern of refrigeration with the Master Blend (although refrigeration will prolong the product for another year). Our Big Brother Probiotic is a warrior and carries a big stick. If you have any health issues where a powerful probiotic is needed, look no further. Give us a call and be one of the many who are now enjoying our Therapeutic Master Blend Probiotic.

Please Note: The little spoon that is included is due to international shipping requirements. We suggest at least 1 rounded teaspoon 2 times a day. Remember you can not overdose on our Probiotics.

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    I have been using the Therapeutic Probiotic Powder for about 2 months now and I want to share with you that it is incredible. I liked the regular Probiotic Powder, but when my daughter came down with a really aggressive illness, I asked Frequency Foods if they thought I should move up to the Therapeutic. I honestly believe that it was this product that made all the difference. Some of her symptoms were excruciating stomach issues, high fevers, bronchial issues. After only a few days the stomach issues calmed down and a few days after that so did the fevers and bronchial symptoms. I gave her the product at least 2-3 x a day at the beginning and then went to 1x a day. I also had her on the Vitamin C and Liyfzymes. All of your products are a true gift of blessing and I want you to know how grateful I am that we found you.

  2. Thomas D. NC

    My girlfriend and I went to this really nice restaurant in town which we were both looking forward to. It turned into a nightmare by the time we got home. We both got heavy-duty food poisoning. The last place we would have expected that coud happen!! Anyway we were both more than miserable and tossing our cookies for hours. A neighbor of ours took pity on us and suggested we try this Therapeutic Powder she had. We would have tried anything at that point, to be honest. However, it changed everything! We went from like a 11+ misery to a 4 misery in 30 minutes. We kept taking it and were right as rain very fast. Nice to know there are things out there we can rely on.

  3. Renee Z. MA

    My children have basically grown up on this probiotic powder for the last 4 years. Between this and the Vitamin C, my kids are rarely ill while all the rest of the school might come down with something. I even had one teacher mention to me that I must have some special trick for caring for children–that mine always seems so healthy and happy. I have explained that it is God and Frequency Foods products. She thought that was an odd statement. I will have to explain more when I get a chance:)  Really, though, these are great products. Renee

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