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Ingredients: Soluble rice bran,*O Factor & **Enzymes (Amylase, Protease Maltase, Lipase, Cellulase, Sucrase, and Lactase)
*O Factor formulated as an enzyme precursor with antioxidant enzymes, phytonutrients, and Tocotrienols derived from whole food concentrates.
**Enzymes are of plant origin only

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Our feathered and furry friends are very important to us at Frequency Foods. We would love to have everyone share their lives with a pet. And our Creature Comfort products help our animals live long and healthy lives.

(Our Quantum Vitamin C helps humans who have allergies, due to animals. Suddenly they find themselves able to own 8 cats sneeze-free!)

We encourage owners to start their pets on the Creature Comfort Probiotics for a month or so before introducing the Creature Comfort Enzymes. Just like humans, our pets can have many unseen health issues. The CCProbiotics help to bring your pet to homeostasis and followed by the CCEnzymes, their elimination and their intestinal tract will be trouble-free. Start both products slowly, introducing the product to their system and slowly increasing the amount.

Both products are easy to administer. The first time giving the CCProbiotics swipe a little bit across their lips so they can taste it. Once they do they will eagerly look forward to “probiotic time”. Offer it in your hand or their dish. Best on an empty stomach. Do not mix with other food or products. With the CC Enzymes, start with only 1/8th of a tsp. to small dogs and 1/4tsp. to larger dogs. Mix in food and serve.

With both the Probiotics and the Enzymes you may see itching improve, the coat gleam, their eyes clear, their playfulness return, but most of all their health restored.

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3 reviews for CREATURE COMFORT ENZYMES- 2oz.

  1. T. Berndt from West Lafayette, IN

    EVERYTHING IS PERFECT NOW! My little Chihuahua has had lots of problems. I got her on the Creature Comfort Probiotics and this made a huge difference for her and I give it to her every day, but she still struggled pooping. So I started to add a tiny bit of the Creature Comfort Enzymes with each meal and lo and behold she started pooping easily. I did start with too much at first and it was loose. I cut back and it was perfect. It also took about 2 weeks to get everything going, but thank goodness!

  2. L. WESTON from California

    I was using the human probiotics for my dog which I thought was just the same as the ones for animals. Then I learned my dog had colitis and I called Frequency Foods. They told me to use Creature Comfort Probiotics, only, as animals have a need for their own formula. I started treating my dog with it along with Creature Comfort Enzymes each time she ate meat. They told me to start slowly and work up. These products are awesome. No more colitis, healthy bowel movements, even her hair is shinier and healthier. Love you guys!! (my dog loves you too)

  3. Darla M. from Washington D.C.

    My dog has a chronic issue of stomach and elimination problems. She seems to have such a sensitive system. I started her on the Creature Comfort Probiotics which I give her every day, but when I started the Enzymes she started to eliminate easily and healthily. I am so excited for her as well as saving a lot of money. She is a happy girl now.

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